Ryosen Golf Club Picture
Ryosen Golf Club Picture
Ryosen Golf Club Picture
Ryosen Golf Club Picture

Travel proposal for playing golf at Ryosen golf club in Mie, Japan

Golf Tour in Japan

Golf Tour in Japan

Propose a best tour for you who want to explore Japanese culture
and enjoy playing golf while traveling in Japan.

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Ryosen Golf Club
Ryosen Golf Club offers a beautiful golf course surrounded by a rich natural environment.
The club offers golf enthusiasts and players a place to enjoy golf in a relaxed atmosphere.

Ise Grand Shrine
The highest shrine in Japan, with more than 8 million people visiting every year. It enshrines Amaterasu Omikami, the ancestor of the emperor. There are many restaurants and souvenir shops called Okage Yokocho along the approach.

Nagoya city
One of Japan's three largest cities. The center of the industrial area including Toyota Motor Corporation. Shinkansen runs through Nagoya Station, and luxury hotels such as the Marriott Hotel and Hilton Hotel are located in the surrounding area.

Osu Shopping Street
A hotspot of Japanese subculture.
A shopping street with about 1,200 stores, including restaurants such as Nagoya gourmet, cafes and variety of fashion stores ranging from the latest trends to unique second-hand clothing.

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Chubu Centrair International Airport



Ise Grand Shrine



Nagoya city



Ryosen Golf Club



Osu Shopping Street



Nagoya Station



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Rental golf club


A professional driver and tour conductor will guide you.


play golf at Ryosen Golf club which is only reserved for members.


Tour planning upon customer's

Application Flow

  • 01

    Submit the application form from web site.

  • 02

    E-mail you from our staff confirming your requirement

  • 03

    Determine tour planning if you accept our proposal

  • 04

    Pay admission fee by credit card

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    Welcoming you at airport or train station or hotel



What kind of company is the Ryosen Golf Tours?
On June 23, 2023, we were registered under Mie Prefectural Governor Registration Travel Agency No. 2-404. We are also a member of the Japan Association of Travel Agents, which is a member of major travel agencies. 一般社団法人日本旅行業協会 (jata-net.or.jp)
What kind of golf tours are available?
We offer tours that combine golf and tours (transportation service, hotel booking and sightseeing) for small groups of friends or families to large companies or groups. It is possible to arrange a tour plan according to the customer’s request.
Can I play golf at Ryosen Golf Club?
Yes, it is possible. However, we may not be able to make a reservation depending on the reservation status.
Can you arrange other golf courses?
We have business partnerships with more than 150 courses in 40 countries. Please feel free to contact us with your request.
Can you arrange hotel reservations and transportation services other than golf?
Yes, we can.
Is it possible to change or not use transportation services and accommodations even in the same group?
Yes, please feel free to contact us.
Can we have a golf competition?
Yes, please feel free to contact us for arrangements.
Can I make a reservation for one person?
It depends on the golf course, so please contact us.
Is golf insurance or travel insurance available in Japan?
Yes, we do. Various insurance contracts are also possible, so please feel free to contact us.
Where can I apply?
This will be done at the Ryosen Golf Club, but you can also apply by email.
How to pay?
Payment can be made at Ryosen Golf Club or by credit card.

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Compliance with Personal Information Protection Laws and Regulations:
We comply with Japanese laws and regulations and other standards related to the protection of personal information and fulfill our social responsibilities as a company. To ensure the effective implementation of personal information protection, we continuously review and improve the contents of this privacy policy.

Contact for Personal Information Handling:
For inquiries regarding the handling of personal information by our company, please contact us at the following:

Ryosen Golf Club
2796 Higashi Isshiki, Inabe-Cho, Inabe, Mie 511-0215, Japan
TEL: (0594) 74-5110 / FAX: (0594) 74-5000